MEDICINAL FLOWERS - healing effect

For 35 years, Fleur de Santé has specialized in researching and developing beneficial flower-based skin care formulations. Chosen from more than 150 species, our products act gently and effectively to target specific skin concerns, allowing your skin to look and feel its best, naturally.  

CHAMPAGNE EXTRACT - for ultimate protection

Champagne Extract with Resveratrol is a 20 times more efficient antioxidant than Vitamin C or E. Our Champagne Collection utilizes Extrait de Champagne fueled by grape seed Phyto-Stem-Cell's Resveratrol for the ultimate antioxidant protection and photoage prevention. By enforcing the skin's structural matrix (collagen and elastin) and stimulating its natural regeneration process, this powerful antioxidant postpones skin aging and makes it smooth and uniform. 



The DNA of Fleur de Santé and its founder Knut Wolffs passion for the power and healing properties of Medicinal Flowers inspired us to develop a modern Skincare range with natural formulations and superior performance. We are proud to say that all Fleur de Santé products have got natural formulations that are gentle to use and a pleasure to apply to your skin.  


AIRLESS TECHNOLOGY - for long lasting efficiency

We use airless bottles to preserve all of our formulations, and your beauty for longer. Every time you put your fingers into a product, you’re destroying its efficacy. We thought there has to be a better way. And there is. Keep them fresh, keep them clean. Make them airless!