Serum Anti-Imperfections (ART 1010)

Targeted treatment to help achieve a perfectly flawless look without blemishes and imperfections. The actives of [Viola Asteraceae] Arctic Rose Phyto-StemCell Infusion™ target red spots for healthier looking skin. The oil-free, ultra-smooth texture does not clog pores.



  • Minimises the appearance of blemishes and imperfection (90% confirmation by tested women)

  • Improves skin uniform look when used everyday. 90% confirmation by tested women)

  • Provides skin rebalancing power to a distressed skin  (75% agrees)

  • Leaves skin soothed and soft in texture (100% of tested women confirmed)

  • Delivers calming and refreshing change to the skin. (100% of tested women confirmed)




In the wild, Edelweiss grows at high altitudes of up to 3,000m in rocky meadows and among the limestone rocks of the high mountains, and it is encountered in the French Alps. Edelweisses are protected species as they were threatened to vanish completely in the 1970s.

Now, being a rare flower, not only it is limited to a small number of blossoms for those who want to pick it, but also authorization is needed to do so, and it is allowed in only certain locations. Therefore cultivating Edelweiss is becoming more and more exclusive. Symbol of mountains, image of purity and beauty, Edelweiss has a unique capacity to protect itself from the cold and from UV radiation, both of which are particularly intense in the mountains.

The blossoming aerial parts of Edelweiss offer anti-inflammatory properties, which are useful to treat skin ailments such as dermatitis. Great astringent, known for its healing properties, this flower has been known for its anti-bacterial benefits. Studies of the phenolic compounds in Edelweisses have indicated their outstanding antioxidant potential and their ability to absorb UV rays, being a potent anti-ageing compound, perfect for mature skin products.

 Edelweiss extract contains tannins in large amount, and other natural actives such as Phenolic acids and Minerals, and is recommended for dry, sensitive skin as a softener and a re-mineraliser.




This widely cultivated for the herbal industry in France flower is appreciated by many for its individual beauty. Wild Pansy mixes yellow, blue, purple and white into the wide range of hues that give its petals a tricolor fame, and it has an ability to protect itself from rain and cold by dropping its head so that only the back of the flower will get wet while its delicate face remains protected. Similarily, the flower extract has the ability to protect the skin.

The first mention of the medicinal use of Wild Pansies against skin diseases dates back to the 16th century when it was a popular habit to drink Wild Pansy herbal tea and at the same time apply a gauze soaked in herbal tea to one’s face. Today Wild Pansy is the symbol of remembrance and also a love potion.

Today, Viola tricolor is used to heal various skin ailments: psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc. It works as an antiseptic, healing agent and an anti-inflammatory factor. Thanks to its composition based on Proteins and Minerals, Wild Pansies provide softening, remineralising emollients, which are a perfect solution for tired, damaged, dull and dry skin. As a seboregulator and purifier rich in Flavonoids, Phenolic compounds and Coumarins, Wild Pansy is ideal especially for oily, acne-prone skin. It serves as a powerful antioxidant, which is useful for mature, stressed skin and also recommended in sun care products.