Serum Anti-Taches (ART 1009)

Powerful, dark spot correcting serum that helps diminish discolorations, leaving skin radiant, even-toned and luminous. The [Rosa Bellis] Arctic Rose Phyto-StemCell Infusion™ helps stimulate micro-circulation and promotes a healthy glow. The light, silky texture immediately smoothes the skin.



  • Designed to help reduce dark spots and discolorations

  • Vibrant with a youthful look, skin instantly appears luminous and uniform – confirmed by 77% tested women

  • Promotes skin brighten appearance

  • While targeting discolorations, skin transparency is boosted

  • Skin texture appears improved – smoother and softer




The term ‘Fragrant Rose’ is used to describe the two Rose species which are the most prized for their essential oils:Rosa centifolia and Damask Rose (Rosa damascena). Damask Rose essential oil is an expensive and highly valued substance. The petals of Rosa damascena are traditionally distilled to produce both an essential oil and a Rose water. Depending on their color, Roses convey various symbols and feelings.

Mainly used in the perfume industry, Rosa damascena is also valued for its vein-protective, and wound healing qualities, thanks in particular to their tannin content. Rose extract delivers soothing, and calming properties, which are perfect for dry, delicate skin. Damask Rose water offers mild astringent and purifying properties as well as refreshing benefits, and is particularly recommended for the eye zone skin care. The Rose extract contains many natural actives, i.a. Organic, Phenolicn and Amino acids, Peptides and Vitamins.




Each petal of Daisy Flower is considered as an individual flower while the center is a collection of many tiny yellow flowers. Traced back to ancient Rome when it was used by surgeons for its astringent properties, nowadays Daisy symbolises simplicity, fresh appeal and spring-time.

Commonly found in woods, prairies and slopes, Daisies grow at up to 2,500 m in altitude. Since Renaissance, variety of beauty elixirs used to be made by using Daisy for a healthy glow of skin. Today, Daisy Flower extract is considered a gentle, yet highly efficient natural skin lightener.

 Daisies are also known for their emollient, stringent, healing and anti-bacterial properties, and are used to treat various skin concerns such as acne, burns and wounds. Rich in Minerals, Terpenoids and organic acids, they are an ideal moisturising and softening agent perfect for dry and sensitive skin. High in Saponin content, they boost purifying effect – useful when treating oily, acne-prone skin condition.