Serum Anti-Rides (art 1006)

An advanced serum that optically softens wrinkles and minimizes the appearance of fine lines while the active ingredients of [Malva Rosa] Arctic Rose Phyto-StemCell Infusion™ help target their appearance from within for smoother, softer skin results. The fine, silky texture leaves a lightweight film on the skin.



  • Delivers a significant reduction in the look of wrinkles and creases (91% consumer satisfaction)

  • Smoothens skin instantly making fine lines less visible (95% consumer satisfaction)

  • Intensely regenerating properties. (95% consumer satisfaction)

  • Boosts skin firming (100% consumer satisfaction)

  • Promotes skin visible improvement instantly and long-term (91% consumer satisfaction)




Rosa centifolia is one of the so called ‘Fragrant Rose’, term used to describe the Rose species which are the most prized for their essential oils. Rosa centifolia, also known as a Hundred-Leaved Rose or Rose of May is harvested before it blossoms to prevent petals from falling, preferably in the morning when the essential oil content is at its highest.

Roses have always been the symbol of love, womanhood, and seduction. Cultivated by the ancient Greeks and Romans, they spread throughout the Western world at the time of the first crusades in the 13th century. At that time, Roses were credited with miraculous powers and were prescribed for all kinds of ailments.

Today, widely used in the perfume industry, Rose of May is also valued for its anti-inflammatory and homeostatic qualities. They are credited with softening and regenerating properties, which are ideal in skin care products for sensitive, delicate skin, and eye contour area as they promote microcirculation.

 The Rose extract contains such natural actives as Amino acids, Organic acids (Malic and Tartaric acid), Minerals (calcium, potassium), and much more.




Soft and delicate beauty of Mallow goes along with the origin of its name – the genus name, Malva, derived from the Greek word Malakein meaning ‘to soften’, with main reference to the plant’s emollient qualities.

Mallow was known as early as the 8th century B.C. for its edible young leaves. In ancient times, Pythagoras explained that Mallow ‘calms the passions, and keeps the mind and belly free’.

Nowadays, Mallow is still being used for its medicinal properties, and in skincare it is found highly benefitial due to its soothing, refreshing, and softening action. Because of its natural mucilage content, Mallow offers emollience as well. A great moisturizer and anti-oxidant, Mallow is a valued active in anti-ageing products. Can also be included in skin care recommended for delicate and sensitive skin.