About us

The Power of Medicinal Flowers in a bottle

Since 1980. Researched in Paris, made in France. Natural formulations. Clinically tested. Free from parabens, silicones, phthalates, artificial fragrances and colorants. Not tested on animals. 

OUR history

Fleur de Santé is the result of a study started by a visionary pioneer in plant-science research, Knut Wulff. Aiming for perfection, the Fleur de Santé founder would mix variety of medicinal flowers with other plant extracts to achieve a unique combination of ultimate formulas that would “transform inner health into outer beauty to empower women”.

Inspired by French excellence in plant-based technologies, Mr. Wulff created this unique skin care range based on rare flower extracts. We believe he would be proud to see today what his extensive research led to – worldwide exclusive collection of skin care utilizing state-of-the-art botanical stem cells working in synergy with a selection of medicinal flowers for most precise skin benefits.


Following the footsteps of the company’s founder, Laboratoire Fleur de Santé strive to use only the most powerful technologies with the goal to excel in flower-focused skin care and beyond. Therefore Fleur de Santé is the only beauty line in the world utilizing botanical stem cells to boost medicinal flowers in skin care formulations. And it’s with Champagne! Perfected in every way,  Fleur de Santé products are made with superior natural actives delivered to the cellular level of your skin to make the biggest impact possible. All formulas are natural and preserved in airless bottles to ensure lasting efficacy.